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Patchwork Mouse

patchwork mouse
by Jane Guthrie
Chrismas Mice is from the Scrapbooking & Beyond Winter 2013 issue. Featured here is Jane's Patchwork Mouse. For Jane's Gray Mouse and Marble Mouse, please see page 80 of the Scrapbooking & Beyond Winter 2013 issue.

Materials for All Mice
Canvas Corp. canvas mouse
Polyester fiberfill
Black beads, two per mouse
Black twine
Hot glue gun, glue sticks
scissors, embroidery needle

Materials for Patchwork Mouse
Patterned paper of choice
Acrylic paint in brown and pink
Glitter glue in copper
Fine-tip marker in black
3⁄8"-wide grosgrain ribbon in pale green

Use brown acrylic paint to paint canvas mouse. While still wet, dab pink paint inside ears as shown. Allow to dry. Cut leftover shapes from patterned papers of choice, then use Mod Podge to adhere shapes as shown or as desired. Use fine-tip marker to draw fauxstitched lines around paper shapes. Use embroidery needle and black twine to sew whiskers, two black beads for eyes, and button nose as shown. Use copper glitter glue to edge around ears, then tie a bow from green grosgrain ribbon around tail.
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