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December at the Dell December at the Dell
Designed by JackieAnn Williams

For those of us living in cold, northern climates, enjoying the holiday season on a warm, sunny beach sounds divine – even if it’s only for one day!

Journaling: One year, Michael took me to the Hotel Del Coronado for my birthday. We had visited there for brunch and dinner, but we had never stayed overnight. We thoroughly enjoyed our beautiful suite, gorgeous view, and long walks along the beach and wondered why it had taken us so long to visit.


Fiddle Dee Dee Designs Template in Square Pegs*
Tracie Stroud Kit in Coastal Holiday and
         Sunshine Song**
Anna BV Designs Beads in the Sand**
My Four Hens Photography Photo Actions Pictures, four
Adobe Photoshop
Computer font: Pea Swimmy (for Title) and
         Pea Ladybug (for Journaling)
Computer, printer
*Available though
**Available though



  1. Open photos in Photoshop. Apply photo actions to all photos. Open template in Photoshop.
  2. Place gray paper in the background. Place a photo in top left corner square, middle right corner square and bottom middle square, then crop to fit. Place assorted papers in the remaining template squares, then crop to fit.
  3. Resize beads and add them to upper middle square and lower right square. Add white string to lower right square on top of beads. Add green string to upper middle square and cascade down to middle left square. Add seashells on top of both strings. Add red ribbon on top of white string in lower right square. Add life preserver on top of green string in upper middle square. Scatter blue and white flowers over and under previous elements.
  4. Use Pea Swimmy font to add journaling to the lower left square. Add title to left middle square. Use Kit alphabet to create the word “del,” and use Pea Ladybug font to type the words “December at the.” Add drop shadows to all elements, papers and photos.