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Fantastic Photos
Capturing the moment is one of the reasons people take photos. From once in a liftime celebrations to everyday events, taking photos allows us to share our memories in unique ways. The photo layouts featured here make minimal use of journaling, providing true the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words."
  Summer Feet
Stinkin' Hot
Swimming the Summer Away
Just Add Water
Hot Fun
Simply You
Ocean City, Maryland
Sand, Shells, and a Sweetheart
Beach Feet
Summer Time Play
School is out for the summer, and it's now up to parents to find ways to keep their children occupied. It doesn't have to be fancy, and it doesn't mean a two-week vacation to Disney World. Sometimes it's as easy as delighting in the simple things.
  Little Firecrackers
Beach Babe
Flying High
Funny Boy
Katie at 3
The Gardens
My, Oh My!
After you've finished cleaning the house, doing the laundry, putting the groceries away, making dinner, and washing dishes, it's perfectly okay to take some time for yourself .. healthy-selfish is all about you, and it's really a good thing!
  My Scent: Reality
My Favorites
My Style
My Goal This Summer
Summer Feet
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Stinkin' Hot

Readers Take Center Stage:
The invitation to our readers encouraging their submissions for publication has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm. We have dedicated a most enjoyable portion of our time to listening to your interesting stories and selecting layouts for our pages from a multitude of terrific works. So please plug in and connect. Your input is vital as we work together to spark our creative imaginations and expand our ability to evoke these special memories again and again, for the subjects who experienced them and for the audiences yet to come.
“Changes” is a new column that devotes itself to all types of women’s issues ranging from daily trials, tribulations, and triumphs to illness, divorce, and loss. It is a place where you can be free to express who you are, what you think, and how you feel…a place where your voice will be heard and your images shared. Sometimes just one word spoken or one image seen can be an important turning point for someone else. Knowing that you’re not alone can make all the difference. In every issue, we have reserved pages for all of the women who have faced life’s changes with personal courage, enduring love, and even a sense of humor…who have made a choice to somehow change their lives or to better the lives of those they love.
It's A Guy Thing
Photos of all our favorite men are waiting to be placed on exciting what's the holdup? The truth of the matter is that sometimes it's just hard to find "masculine" papers and embellishments that don't feature golf or football. Good news is headed your way... we've got the perfect paper along with some great ideas and the techniques to inspire you with four fabulous page ideas to share, straight from designer Paris Dukes.
  Detroit Lake
Birthday Wishes
Are YOU Addicted to Scrapbooking?
A humorous peek inside the world of the seriously afflicted scrapbook addict.
Flip-Flop Album
Flip-flops are a summertime staple and not surprisingly, most people own at least one pair. Here's a fun idea for using flip-flops for more than comfortable and stylish footwear.
Graduation Journal
Whether it's high school or college, graduation day is a memorable event in any young person's life. Preserve those special moments with this charming handmade paper and felt journal, smartly sized to fit inside a pocket or purse.
Flower Photo Clips
Who said that photos have to be framed? Here's a whimsical idea for enjoying your photos in a unique way.
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Flip Flop Album