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Budding Beauties
There’s something truly magical about spring. It’s a wondrous thing to watch buds sprouting from bare branches and to see tips of leaves and flower heads poking up from the thawing earth. The sky seems just a bit bluer and there’s a special feeling in the air. The layouts featured here are awash in spring colors and imagery bursting with sparkly appeal. Scalloped edges, flower cut-outs, buttons, and butterflies sum up the theme…it’s spring!
Pocket Page
Uniquely charming symbols of childhood, pinwheels are colorful reminders of the simpler things in life. The bright colors and whirling motion can captivate a child for hours. Whether made from paper, fabric, or tin, these uncomplicated blades are easy to make. Once folded and attached to a stick, all that’s left to do is think of ways to create the wind needed to fuel movement – blowing on it, running while holding it in the air, or attaching it to a bicycle. The paper and ribbon pinwheel embellishments featured in the following layouts add playful touches, reviving childhood memories.
  Seeking Joy
Sissy’s Pretty Dress
Spring Breeze
Focus on Still Life
The true versatility of scrapbooking is in the fact that any theme or subject matter that tickles our fancy is fair game for our layouts. Perhaps the topic is a daily morning ritual–like showcasing a favorite coffee cup, or one of discovery–like that mother bird you found perched on a nest constructed over the garden spigot. Personally poignant moments captured forever provide a glimpse into our daily lives.
  The Gift
My Cup
We Are Family
Be Original
I Love My Kitchen
Everyday Super Heroes
Whether they’re tall, short, young, or old, “Everyday Super Heroes” presents a heartfelt look at the men in our lives. Their names may not be known nor their faces recognized internationally, but they are just as important and equally as famous to those who love them. They work hard at what they do and bring both joy and laughter into our lives. The layouts and stories featured here are as uniquely different as the women who created them, although in the end, their purpose is the same…to pay tribute to the men in our lives who serve as friend, father, role model, and everyday hero.
  Smokin’ Hot Hubby
Mr. Lantz
Modern Family
One Moment
Fall 7 Times…Stand up 8
The Writing on the Wall
Sweet Sam
My Guys
Eye Contact
The layouts featured here prove that enlarging a photo and then showcasing only a portion of it can provide dramatic, unique, and good-humored results. Limited journaling is present on all three, allowing the mood of the photo to say it all. After all, sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words.
  Thru My Eyes
Carson’s World
Can You See Me Now?
Happy Dog

Readers Take Center Stage:
The invitation to our readers encouraging their submissions for publication has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm. We have dedicated a most enjoyable portion of our time to listening to your interesting stories and selecting layouts for our pages from a multitude of terrific works. So please plug in and connect. Your input is vital as we work together to spark our creative imaginations and expand our ability to evoke these special memories again and again, for the subjects who experienced them and for the audiences yet to come.
Croppin’ Cruise Contest
A 12 Step Guide to Better Photos
By John Hafner (Haf and Haf Creations)
If I’ve learned anything from being behind the camera as a professional photographer, it’s that the quest toward photographic prowess is definitely a marathon rather than a sprint. Over time, you learn as much from your failures as you do from your successes.
Photo Composition
Enthusiastically executing our role as the group’s paparazzo can pay off in a pile of great shots, but the limited space on our pages often forces us into a tough selection process as we pluck our favorites from the pile and regretfully set others aside. Whether recording a day at the beach with the guys or a weekend away with the girls, the layout and photo cropping techniques featured here demonstrate just some of the many ways that multiple photos may be composed to create a project that evokes vivid memories of the day.
Vintage Looks for the Here and Now
The vintage look has made a major impact on paper crafting, from shabby chic tags to distressing techniques on pages. There are beautiful papers in stripes, dots, florals, and textures available in 12" x 12" and 8" x 8", all inspired by the past in either soft muted shades such as light blue and French vanilla or in rich tones like chocolate and teal.
“Changes” is a new column that devotes itself to all types of women’s issues ranging from daily trials, tribulations, and triumphs to illness, divorce, and loss. It is a place where you can be free to express who you are, what you think, and how you feel…a place where your voice will be heard and your images shared. Sometimes just one word spoken or one image seen can be an important turning point for someone else. Knowing that you’re not alone can make all the difference. In every issue, we have reserved pages for all of the women who have faced life’s changes with personal courage, enduring love, and even a sense of humor…who have made a choice to somehow change their lives or to better the lives of those they love.
spacer Who Were You?
New Version of Me
22 Weeks
South Pacific Altered Envelope Book
Complete in this small envelope album is a record of one family’s favorite summer activity. Upon opening the book, you see photos, journaling, and symbolic embellishments mounted on the outside of the envelopes. Untie the envelopes and you’ll find the perfect resting places for trinkets and remembrances. Displaying light-hearted humor (and all in good fun) is a group photo taken from behind, providing the perfect image to project “the end.”

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