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FALL 2007
what's inside this issue
Still Life Layouts
Still life layouts can be just as personal as a page boasting a variety of photos and journaling, and sometimes reveal more about ourselves than what meets the eye.
  A Good Cup of Joe
Diet Coke
“Nounours” (Teddy Bear)
Move Over Betty
Pick 'em
From a simple drive in the country for a day of “leaf peeping” to a whirlwind week in Paris, scrapbooking family outings and vacations is one of the many ways to preserve special moments that everyone can share and enjoy. Featured here are a variety of styles, techniques, and photos that are sure to spark the imagination for creating your journey layouts.
  The Drive
Omaha Beach
Signs of Port Dover
Full Stop
C'est magnifique!
The Drive
The Drive
Practice Makes Perfect
Whether winning the game is hitting the ball out of the park or slapping a puck into the net, the outcome of any endeavor all depends on how much practice and determination went into the attempt. Thus making the familiar adage “practice makes perfect” as true now as it was then.
Hoop Dreams
Just Another Day at the Rink
One in Every Crowd
“Gentlmen, Start Your Engines!”
As exciting as any sports event appears on TV, it doesn't come close to capturing the sights and ear-splitting sounds of personally attending a racing event. The air is charged with energy, especially when the race starts and forty cards hurl by at breakneck speed. If you're lucky enough to be sitting near the fence, hold onto your hat…it could be knocked clear off your head!
  Race Fans Love It Wide Open
Chain WreckAction
Eat My Dust
How Do You Spell Fun?
Fun – n. pleasure and amusement, to have fun, gaiety, playfulness. Whether it’s carving or searching for the perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch, or parading around in a full-fledged costume or just wearing a mask, fun is anything that causes a smile, a grin, or a laugh-out-loud guffaw. Share the laughter and enjoy the simplest of life’s pleasures.
  In Search of the Perfect Pumpkin
Carved Pumpkins
What's Up Doc?
I'm Batman
Bat Girl
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Readers Invitation
Move Over Betty
Move Over Betty

Readers Take Center Stage:
The invitation to our readers encouraging their submissions for publication has been met with overwhelming enthusiasm. We have dedicated a most enjoyable portion of our time to listening to your interesting stories and selecting layouts for our pages from a multitude of terrific works. So please plug in and connect. Your input is vital as we work together to spark our creative imaginations and expand our ability to evoke these special memories again and again, for the subjects who experienced them and for the audiences yet to come.
“Changes” is a column that devotes itself to all types of women’s issues ranging from daily trials, tribulations, and triumphs to illness, divorce, and loss. It is a place where you can be free to express who you are, what you think, and how you feel…a place where your voice will be heard and your images shared. Sometimes just one word spoken or one image seen can be an important turning point for someone else. Knowing that you’re not alone can make all the difference. In every issue, we have reserved pages for all of the women who have faced life’s changes with personal courage, enduring love, and even a sense of humor…who have made a choice to somehow change their lives or to better the lives of those they love.
  More Left Unseen
Cancer Changes Everything
The Story About Me
Follow Your Bliss
Story About Me
The Story About Me
Finished in a Flash Layouts
Adding style to scrapbook pages by using penwork doodles, swirls, faux stitching, and oversized punctuation marks continues to be both very popular and tons of fun. The look ranges from freehand doodles to stylized swirls, depending on the project. You might be saying to yourself, “Yeah, but I can’t draw!” Not to worry, this cool look is easy to achieve by enlisting the aid of templates and a few great tips from designer LeNae Gerig.
Forever Friends Album
A black and white photo of three friends dressed in matching pleated skirts and argyle sweaters sets the tone for this nostalgic album cover. Pink chalk applied to the girls’ cheeks and the addition of colorful funky ribbons tied around the knob used to open the album provides a clever updated look. All in all, this album is a beautiful blend between then and now..
Autumn Extravaganza Album
Created by Cheryl Mezzetti especially for the Simply Southern Scrapbook Convention to be held on October 4, 5, and 6, 2007, in Huntsville, Alabama, this beautifully altered album is offered in kit form and includes a coordinating storage box for capturing your favorite fall photos.
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