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Almost every part of the country experienced hardships of one kind or another over this past brutally cold winter, and all I can say is “Hooray for spring!” As most of you know, magazines work months ahead of the on-sale date, and for me, one of the nice things about this type of scheduling is that while there may be bone-chilling wind and snow raging outdoors, I’m warmly tucked inside and surrounded by lovely warm-weather photos showcased on the prettiest spring layouts. Trust me when I say, it really helps to rid the winter doldrums!
   Since we haven’t yet fully said goodbye to winter, we’ve expanded our “Check It Out!” section to include more products to look forward to when thinking about your springtime layouts. And, our “SnapShots” series features several artists and their many stunning works that are sure to inspire you with new ideas worth considering when creating your own pages this season. From gardening and garage sale layouts to pets and prancing pages, we’ve stocked up on lots of fun stuff! So put on the kettle and make yourself a nice cup of tea, then carry this issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond to a favorite chair or special place and just enjoy…

staple Inside Our Spring 2014 Issue ...
Mon Amour
This is How I Roll
My Little Men
Tempus Fugit
Spring Has Sprung
Remember This
Spring Planting
Spring Garden
How My Garden Grows
This is Awesome!
Grandma’s House
At 50, I Went Curly
Flea Market Style
Gangnam Style
Be Happy
Ready, Set, Go!
Home Sweet Home
Happy Cat
Love This

Stash Busters
Personality Profiles

Be Happy
How We Roll

Available February 26th through May 13, or you can order your Spring 2014 issue here.