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A Work in Progress
Thanks to its usage in TV’s Kung Fu series and the 1984 film The Karate Kid, the word grasshopper has become a metaphor for “young student.” And no one is more a student of life than a child, which this sophisticated digital layout attests to. (Love the film strip effect!)

Mmm, Good
What could be more fun for a little girl on a warm summer’s day than spending time in a strawberry patch, picking and eating to her heart’s content? Mmm…good!

Mmmm Good

My Favorite Roses
I just love roses, and every summer I look forward to the color and fragrance they bring to my garden. The rose patterned paper I used for this layout (you’ll need two sheets) reminded me of my garden, and provided a number of ideas to use the photos I had of my granddaughters: Cecelia, Amalia, and Lily. Cutting away a portion of the all-over rose design aired out the page and layering a few roses and leaves added nice dimension and provided a focal point so my favorite three roses could sparkle more than they do already. What can I say? I’m a Nana!

Favorite Days
Carefree and spirited, patterned papers are layered with edges folded over, distressed, and antiqued for maximum effect. A nice technique used on this layout to create added dimension is the careful cutting, lifting, and curling of several flower petals, while keeping the main flower attached to the background. For ease in creating this layout, a pattern placement guide has been provided on the pattern pull-out.

Sugar & Spice
Creating customized shapes and combining them with fussy-cut and preprinted designs is an easy way to let your own personality shine through. Designer Tracey Taylor drew clouds and a curved ground swell to complement the pair of trees on this sweet, summer scrapbook page.

Live with Grace
A host of fussy-cut imagery is used to create this fun scrapbook page. Now is the perfect time to sift through your leftover scraps and combine them with embroidery, stamped images, and brads to achieve that wonderful collage look you’ve been wanting to try.

How Does Your Garden Grow
“This page was inspired by my girls’ love of gardening. I graduated the size of the photos to mimic the growth cycle not only of plants, but also of my children.” – Tracey Taylor

Baby You Can Drive My Car
Fussy-cutting photos and combining the images with hand-drawn designs and other scrapbook embellishments is a fun and refreshing approach to creating a uniquely personalized scrapbook page. All of the patterns needed to make the layout featured here are provided on the pattern pull-out.


A Passion for Roller Coasters
Passion: n. Strong and barely controllable emotion. That’s how designer JackieAnn Williams’ son, Jim, feels about roller coasters. He has traveled all over the United States and Europe to experience this thrilling ride. The joy clearly evident on his face says it all. A Civil Engineer, he one day plans to build a coaster of his own design. Now, that’s what we call passion…

Abby Makes the Best Clown
This circus themed layout makes the most of red clown noses, glitter embellished party hats, and colorful patterned papers to remember a fun-filled birthday.

U.S.S. Stennis
Although this scrapbook page measures only 81/2" x 11", strategic placement of four photos provide an impactful presentation. Designer Annette Pixley focused on one aspect of the ship rather than the whole of it, and cropped out all but the happy face of her son experiencing the thrill of a lifetime: sharing the day with his uncle on board the U.S.S. Stennis.

Everyday Heroes
They do not think of themselves as heroes, but they are. In honor of the many men and women who risk their lives each day to protect life and property. We thank you.

Just Us Girls
Layered patterned papers are uniquely finished with an argyle-like grid of embroidered backstitching, providing additional texture and overall visual appeal.

Model Couple
For unlimited creative possibilities, use border punches with a mix of different strips of plain and patterned papers to create these striking, pleated paper flowers. The size of the flower depends on the width of the strips you cut. Then use buttons, brads, crystals, or whatever your creativity dictates to crown the flower centers.

With an uncertain economy, more people are foregoing “away from home” vacations and opting for more affordable “staycations.” Staying home gives you the flexibility to do things you normally can’t do on a daily basis when work, school, and the kids’ extracurricular activities dominate everyday living. Staycations are easier on the budget, allowing you to plan daily excursions to nearby parks, museums and other sites of interest, and, of course, your own backyard!

Smell the Ocean Air
Torn and stitched edges, a twig transparency, and ocean-colored glass beads beautifully reflect this fun-filled beach layout.

Wild Side
Shimmer paints were applied to both the background paper and lace cardstock overlay, producing a beautifully mottled look on this stunning seashore layout. A nice touch is the addition of jute twine and interesting use of metal drapery clips to secure the photo.

Day at the Seaside

A Day at the Seaside
A stunning photo in brilliant blue and white is further enhanced with rich green and terra- cotta patterned papers. Bronze colored mesh captures seashore embellishments of shells, floral sprays, and a charming seahorse.

Wedding Crashers
This was neither the sight nor the seaside restaurant designer Kelly Goree was expecting on her trip to the beach in Bonita Springs, Florida. So she did the unexpected and was quite excited to become a happy witness to this delightful seaside wedding.

You & Me
You don’t need to cover every square inch on a scrapbook page to produce great results as designer Donna Bryant Durand clearly shows with this charmingly different layout. Strips of patterned paper rolled into tight dowels is a neat way to simulate wood pilings so often seen at the seashore, and clear buttons are fun substitutes for seashells.



What inspires you? Do you know that one special pick-me-up to get you creating? Perhaps it’s a favorite song, a scented candle, a framed family photo, a good luck charm, or even just the comfort of slipping into your pink fuzzy slippers. Whatever does the trick, most artistic people know the importance of keeping their inspiration out and about to capture its power and keep focused on any given project at hand. But, how do you display your inspirational visuals without the typical piles on your desktop or the over-crowded bulletin board, which has probably long stopped inspiring you when first overtaken with clutter.

Vintage Wisteria
The sweetest of floral patterned papers, tiny sprays of blooms and buds, butterflies galore, and a few seeds of imagination are all that is required to create this most charming garden-like album.

Kit Kraze

Kit Kraze
Have you ever thought about joining a kit club? In the last few years, this niche in the scrapbook industry has exploded with possibilities. Visiting a craft store and choosing your own product can be a satisfying venture. However, if you must take a few sidekicks with you who would rather spend their time at the nearest toy store than wait for you to choose embellishments, shopping for scrapbook supplies, it can be more stressful than fun. This is where the kit club comes in. There are actually people out there who will put together very thoughtful kits with perfectly coordinated parts. Many kit designers will choose a manufacturer’s line and include many elements of the collection, but then add the perfect flower, button or ribbon from other manufacturers to make the kit complete with everything you need to create a beautiful project. This series will show readers what it is like to receive a scrapbook kit and some possibilities for projects as shown by the four designers participating in this series. Get inspired to create fabulous pages by checking out the work of these talented designers, grab your own kit, and get to scrappin’.

Personality Profile
Did you know secrets to your inner personality can be found within your creative designs as a crafter? It’s true; the shapes you are typically drawn to – even your doodles on a scratch pad – can tell a lot about who you really are! Since shapes have long been linked to the basic elements of our everyday environment, they are actually deeply connected to our subconscious mind. Research shows that even just looking at certain shapes can enlighten the pleasure centers of our brain. So, think about the shape that makes you feel happy, and read on to understand why.

Firehouse Book
A visit to the local firehouse can be an exciting and educational experience for young children. Photos remembering the day are accented with minimal embellishments, making this little album quite quick and easy to make.

Favorite Girls

Favorite Girls
Whether you choose to scrap a page for an album or a wall, using a few simple paint techniques like the ones shown here and on the following pages can expand your creativity and raise your art to a whole new level. Stretched canvas forms the background for the collage-style layouts shown here that make the most of shimmer paints, rub-ons, and drywall tape (yes, you read that right…). Read on to see how it’s done!


Photo Ops
“Scrapbooking” is largely about capturing life’s little moments and preserving them for future enjoyment. Sometimes the photo images we choose are candid, and sometimes they are posed. Whichever the case may be, they can all contain elements that we’d rather leave behind. When such situations arise, the Clone Stamp tool can be of great help. Here are a couple of handy techniques for eliminating those unwanted elements.

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Check It Out!
We’ve expanded Check It Out! to include a variety of exciting products that made their debut at CHA Anaheim 2010, the Craft and Hobby Association trade show. Please visit for additional reviews.

Melody Ross: Brave Girl
A blacksmith stands at the forge, tools and iron bar in hand, anvil in front of her. She heats the iron until it is white-hot, then hammers it against the anvil, and when it begins to cool, returns it to the fire, hammering and heating the iron again and again until something brand new takes shape. It is no longer the straight iron bar. It is now a work of art, forged by fire and forged by force.

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We Want to See the World
Nothing is exact, nor would you want it to be. Edges are torn, distressed, antiqued, and curled. Anything goes…a bit of this, more of that. No mistakes are in the making because with collage works of art, there are no mistakes. Creativity rules, inspiration reigns, and you have total freedom to do what you feel. How wonderful is that?

Maasdam Memories

All Aboard
One main photo sets the tone and color palette for this joyful Cruisin’ layout by designer Cindy Stevens. Foam dots were used to add dimension to appliqué-like orange flowers that nicely reflect the flourishes on the bow of the ship. Massdam Memories created by Amy Tara Koeppel features three photos with white-stitched matting and a coordinating floral patterned paper. Both layouts show how using orange and blue (complementary colors) can achieve bold results without appearing “grayed out” or mundane. The secret is adding a third color, and nothing adds more punch to a blue and orange color scheme than crisp white borders and trimmings.

July 4th
The glittered stars, starbursts, and striped patterned papers used here add lots of sparkle to this celebratory July 4th layout and colorfully captures the spirit of the day.

Do You Fly in Your Dreams?
A photo snapped spontaneously yields a happy, feel-good memory of a fun day on the Pier in San Francisco. And if you’re wondering what the interpretation is for those who fly in their dreams, according to the Dream dictionary at, it’s this: Flying in your dreams signifies a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited.

Dinner As Art
Are your kids picky eaters? Can’t get them to eat broccoli, peas, or anything green? Well, this fun layout will give you some ideas about how to change their perspective on food. Turn it into art! How cool is that?