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Designed by Liana Suwandi
Trying to figure out the best patterned papers to complement selected photos and embellishments can be time consuming and stressful. Double-sided papers are both color and pattern coordinated and take much of the work out of that issue, and since you have two sides to work with, can save money as well. Designer Liana Suwandi did just that with this charming layout of her twin daughters, Caitlen and Adelene.

Be Happy
Designed by Heather Dewaelsche
Also known as “Baby’s-pet,” daisies are flowers of the children. Opening their petals with the light of day and closing at twilight, daisies have been gathered by little girls for making floral crowns and necklaces. And who has not plucked at this dainty flower’s petals to predict the fortunes of love? Ah, daisies recall all the happy memories from childhood!



Designed by Tracy A. Weinzapfel Burgos
A lovely poem is the inspiration behind this sweet layout. Glittered swirls symbolizes the path of the butterflies and you’ll notice that one has already made a successful landing on the little girl’s outstretched hand…much to her surprise and delight.

Designed by Gayle Martin
What makes this photo so striking is the juxtaposition of elegant finery and a painted cinderblock wall. The contrast is at discord, yet the artistic rendering of the overall page is the result of a creative imagination and free-spirited hand. Although premixed misting paint sprays can be used, mixing powdered pigment paints with water and hairspray into a spray bottle, then spritzing watercolor paper was the technique used by designer Gayle Martin to achieve the fluid transition from photo to background paper. Fussy-cut vines and flowers complete this unique layout. For those who want to try their hand at this technique, we suggest practicing on scrap paper first.


Those Blue Eyes

Those Blue Eyes
Designed by Gayle Martin
Assorted blue patterned papers partner well with coordinating and contrasting embellishments that beautifully set off a single photo. Torn and antique edges, felt letters, and a dimensional arrangement of both ribboned and paper flowers complete this charming layout.

Designed by Tracy A. Weinzapfel Burgos
The coloring of the cardstock and patterned paper featured in this layout not only beautifully matches the tonal values in the photo, but does an outstanding job of capturing the feeling that this photo portrays.

For the Sake of Art
Designed by Claude Campeau
Can’t decide on how many photos to use? Try this: Incorporate all of them into one photo! Neat, huh?


To Each Her Own

To Each Her Own
Designed by Maree Clout
Coming up with a unique idea for a birthday party theme can be hard work for many of us. But, for 11 year-old Merinda, it was a piece of cake. Her theme revolved around the letter “P.” Pink, Pizza, and PUNK! Rock on!

La Cocotte Souriante (Smiling Sweetie)
Designed by Claude Campeau
A smile that brings about more smiles…how precious is that?

Pop Star
Designed by Alexa Westerfield
What a pop tart! Alexa used Photoshop Elements’ Color Halftone filter to make this layout very reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s famous pop art pieces. This project is an excellent way to use a low-resolution or camera phone image.

100% All Boy
Designed by Claude Campeau
What could be more fun for a little boy than playing with a whole lot of colorful balls? And this redheaded tyke did just that, while designer mom Claude Campeau had fun picking out the patterned papers for this colorful layout!

Note to Self
Designed by Liana Suwandi
Nothing earth shattering…just a simple day visiting the library and eating lunch at McDonald’s turns into a wonderful string of memories worth recording. Life is all about the little things…

The Way I Play
Designed by Jennifer Hansen
Rather than using cardstock or patterned paper for her page background, designer Jennifer Hansen decided on a clear acrylic shape. Her resulting layout is both colorful and playful. Particularly nice is her random placement of strips, forming an uneven, yet well balanced checkerboard design.

Amsterdam Flower Market
Designed by Jane Davies
The imagery in this digital layout focuses on one small display of the flowers showcased at Amsterdam’s Flower Market. One can only imagine the visual treat of actually seeing the entire array and smelling the sweet perfume of all the floral bouquets on display.


Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer
By Judi Kauffman
I thought it would be fun to make the Crafts U Print Free Download sheet into something other than a pyramid panel card, the way it was originally designed to be used. I turned three of the flower panels into hinged flaps by cutting around the sides and bottom and hid a photo of my goddaughter’s baby girl underneath. I used the remaining rectangles, originally intended to be layered, pyramid style, as page accents.

Click here to see this project.




Journaling . . . It Could Change Your Life!
By Lisa Lelas
No doubt about it…we live in stressful and uncertain times. With health care a major issue for both insured and uninsured alike, professional organizing and life coach Lisa Lelas writes about the proven benefits of keeping a journal. Recording your feelings can be both therapeutic for your body and for your soul. It costs nothing but a few minutes each day. So, if you need to get a few things off your chest, or perhaps to find a new source for inspiration, sharpen your pencil and start journaling!

To Write or Not to Write
By Dee Pierce and Colleen Prescott
Journaling is an important aspect of any layout and in many cases is as important as the photos selected. Deciding what type of lettering to use can be daunting as many scrappers elect not to handwrite their stories because they feel their penmanship is not pretty enough. There are numerous products available for presenting your journaling with flair and style when writing in your own script is not an option. Dee Pierce and Colleen Prescott share their ideas and tips on how to add titles, captions, and sentiments, using a variety of easily accessible scrapbooking products.

Kit Kraze
Have you ever thought about joining a kit club? This series will show readers what it is like to receive a scrapbook kit and some possibilities for projects as shown by the four designers participating in this series. Get inspired to create fabulous pages by checking out the work of these talented designers, grab your own kit, and get scrappin’.

Kit Krazy
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Dear Diary
Designed by Laura Solomon
“Prepare to Be Amazed” is a personal diary/album documenting the ups and downs in the life of designer Laura Solomon. Each page is refreshingly journaled with frank openness and laced with humor, including quotes from well-known comediennes Lily Tomlin and Rita Rudner. Laura used a wide range of styles, techniques, and an eclectic blending of embellishments to enhance each page of her very unique and inspiring life story.

I Love You Flower Album
Designed by Cheryl Mezzetti
Best Friends Flower Album
Designed by Dee Pierce
Here are two variations of the same chipboard album. The "I Love You Flower" Album captures the thrill an Easter egg hunt and is heavily embellished and layered with three-dimensional chipboard embellishments, while the "Best Friends" Album is quietly understated with tailored enhancements. Remembering both of these special events couldn’t get any better without these handmade memory keepers.

Photo Ops – A “Level” Approach
By Weston Maggio
Beginning with this issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond (and in issues to come), we’ll be exploring the many ways to improve your photos to better enhance all of your scrapbooking, cardmaking, and other paper crafting projects.

Wacom Pen Tablet Giveaway!
Bamboo Craft is a new computer input device for crafters and hobbyists that combines the benefits of Multi-Touch with the comfort and precision of a pen, giving you a powerful way to express yourself. Use finger taps and gestures to navigate and perform simple commands like zoom, scroll, rotate, and more. Click here to find out how your could win your own Wacom Bamboo Craft Pen Tablet!

Personality Profiles– What do your favorite scrapbooking supplies reveal about you?
By Lisa Lelas
You’re convinced this new idea is sure to be the best theme album ever! You’ve planned it out and selected the perfect photos. So, what do you do next? In anticipation of this beautiful new book, the question is: Which scrapbooking supplies do you reach for first?

Cropping Cruise Winning Layout —
My Paradise

By Tanisha Long
Here is the winning layout from the Cropping Cruise to Bermuda Contest sponsored by Croptopia Getaways, Skyscraper Tour Cruises, Scrapbooking & Beyond, and Paper Creations.


Sowing Seeds of Love
Designed by Tracey Taylor
The crowning embellishment on this layout is the dimensional flower sun created from a base of ten individually stamped sentiment petals, then topped with a stamped flourish half circle. Embroidery floss stitches serve as emanating rays, and unite the two photos at the bottom of the page. This look is bold and dramatic, and could be easily recreated in different ways by selecting stamps on a smaller scale.

Designed by Christine Adolph
Appealing in both color and design, the patterned paper used here beautifully showcases a single vintage photo. Silver foil distressing and flourishes further enhance this nostalgic layout.

Where Are You Mojo?
Designed by Becky Thackston
“Sometimes my creativeness, my ‘mojo’ up and leaves me. Not when I really want it to, either. Chatting with a dear friend about how to spark that mojo back got me to thinking, ‘why not scrap about losing your mojo?’ So I did…and it really helped to spark that creativity I needed to jump back into scrapping. Sometimes scrapping something totally off the wall and different can lead you in other fun, creative directions.”

Personality Descriptors
Designed by Judith Mara
You never know how, when, or where inspiration will hit you. For designer Judith Mara, it happened while she was reading the newspaper. And the rest, as we say, is history.

My Favorite 14 Things
Designed by Becky Thackston
“Sometimes I get stuck and can’t think of pages to do, but inspiration is around every corner. I was given a challenge at one of my favorite message boards to use a CD cover as inspiration. Once I had found the CD that caught my eye, it was so simple to put the page together and get the ideas flowing.”

She Had Many Talents

She Had Many Talents
Designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Housework in all forms is never ending. True, when the laundry is all folded and put away, floors vacuumed clean, and rooms all neat and tidy, there is a momentary sense of accomplishment and a sigh of relief. The only problem is this: you know you’re going to have to go through it all again in a few days time. “She Had Many Talents…” shows a lighter side to the daily drudgery with an honest appraisal and a witty sense of humor.

The Trouble with Mice
Designed by Jane Guthrie
I love L. A. Burdick Handmade Chocolate's chocolate mice, which inspired this layout. BasicGrey’s Sugar Rush Sweet and Sour patterned paper, marked with tiny distressings reminiscent of mice scurrying about, seemed a wonderful fit for my photo. A ribbon tail, chipboard letter squares to create the layout title, a colon punctuation square for its eyes, brads for the facial features, and presto…I had a complete mouse!