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  Winter Cold
Snowed Out
Winter Wonder
Winter Garden
Winter Memories
Back to Paradise
I Miss Summer
Winter Cold
What makes this layout so appealing is the artistic blending of ten different patterned papers, chipboard letters, and cardstock. The papers used here share a basic color scheme of cream, black, rust, brown, and gray, and the overall pattern is flowers and vines. Start with one large print, then choose a nice mix of medium and smaller sized designs for balance.
Ornaments for the “Rental Kids”
Each year, designer Christi Spadoni makes ornaments for her friends’ children and for her younger cousins, lovingly called the “rental kids.” She takes them on outings and spends time spoiling them with attention and small presents like the ornaments in the photo featured here. Simple to make, all you need do is curl strips of double-sided paper, then adhere the curls onto clear glass or Styrofoam ornaments – a great idea for creating a holiday tradition and for using up all of those leftover scraps of paper!
Delicious Designs
Every scrapbook layout, with or without pictures and regardless of theme, is a personal memory preserved forever. For those of us fortunate enough to remember a special family favorite cookbook or recipe, the pages featured here are sure to provide the inspiration for preserving a small, but very personal part of a family’s history. Designer Lindi West takes recipe pages to new heights with creative flair and a sense of humor. There’s no better way to pass down and preserve those special culinary treats than to create your own family recipe album. So stop lookin’ and start cookin’!
Inside Out
Question: Can life ever be a bowl of cherries? Answer: Sometimes… Bipolar…what does that mean exactly? It means an unyielding onslaught of erratic ups and downs that can only be controlled by medication…for the rest of your life. One day, there might be a cure. But for now, for designer Jamie Tharpe in particular, it’s having the courage to know and to graciously share through her honest layouts what this disease is, what it does, and how she courageously deals with each day by scrapbooking her way to level ground.
  My Story
Right Here, Right Now, Today
Makes Me Cry
Sweet Daughter
Love Makes The World Go Around
  I Love You Because
XO Snapshots
First Dance
Old Soul
Love Make the World Go Round
I Love You Because
Simple yet eleoquent, direct yet heartfelt, the jourmaled word strips say it all ... I love you because you are you.
Family Time Calendar
A calendar page is a great way to capture an entire year’s worth of important events in your life and those of your loved ones. This layout features favorite photos that were cut into 2" squares that perfectly fit the size of the calendar openings. Journaling was confined within a colorful frame, while rhinestones add just the right touch of bling.
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Genealogy Goes Digital
Technology often gets blamed for making the world an impersonal place, but when it comes to genealogy, the digital world brings us closer to who we really are by making it easier to explore and record our family histories.
Winter Snowflake Album and Box
Calling school off due to a winter storm usually results in happy grins from the kids, although I’m not too sure about the parents. And for those of us living in the north, every winter promises a few such days. This winter, make the best of it. Make some hot chocolate and while you stay warm inside, use your camera to capture the winter antics of your snow bunnies outside. This snowflake album is the perfect choice to remember some of the “coolest” times your children will remember.

snowflake album

Sketch Anatomy
Sketch Anatomy shows how easily you can transform a computerized sketch into a stunning layout. Each page follows the same basic pattern, yet remains uniquely its own. Sketch Anatomy was first presented in the Spring 2008 issue, and this is the last installment of our series.
Happily Ever After
Winter Bliss
Merry Memories
O’ Christmas Tree Album
Savor your Christmas photos and memories with this special Christmas tree album designed by Cheryl Mezzetti. It would make the perfect holiday gift to send to long-distance family members and friends.
Recipes from the Heart:
Creating a book from your favorite recipes is a wonderful gift to pass down to your children and other family members. When choosing recipes, be sure to include whether it was from your mother, grandmother, or a friend. Pairing the recipes with color photos of the finished product and adding personal comments will make this recipe book one to cherish for years to come. A cover was cut from clear plastic film to protect the book from an accidental spill or sticky fingerprints.
The Healing Power of Scrapbooking
– Coping with Loss
Every person’s story includes losses of one kind or another, both big and small. How do we cope with loss? We talk, we hug, we remember, and we find ways to gain strength and understanding by pouring ourselves into our journals and into our scrapbook pages. In the midst of the toughest times and in the months and years after, we find reasons to celebrate. We focus on the good times. We laugh, we cry, and then we laugh again, repeating this painful yet healing cycle.

The projects featured here were created by women who have turned their losses and memories into a source of beauty and strength. Find ways to take solace in creativity as you turn your own losses into memories you can cherish and share. It’s just one of the reasons we scrapbook.
  There and Back
Always Remember
It Feels Like Home
Notes to Myself
Hands that Loved Me
My Lifetime
Healing Power of Scrapbooking
My Lifetime
Designer Laura Solomon's layout is an emotional and thought-provoking account of her mother's death
Monograms and Symbols
Want to make your journaling stand out? We’ve got just the trick: Monograms and classic symbols like arrows, brackets, and oversized punctuation marks draw attention to journaling blocks and make for stand-out page titles. Best of all, they’re easy to incorporate into your page design!

From Start to Finish
Best Pals
What's Cooking?
Sweet Sixteen

monograms and symbols
Sweet Sixteen
A combination of staped arrows, brackets, and flowers works with the monograms to create a wonderful, whimsical teen layout.
Exclusive Freebie
Winter embraces a season filled with a host of traditional festivities, but nothing expresses “Happy Holidays” more to a classic-loving scrapper than designing with vintage images.
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