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One Photo...Two Layouts
Versatility is key when creating your scrapbook pages, and it doesn’t necessarily mean just substituting one collection of patterned paper and embellishments for another. Designer Linda Beeson modified one photo to create the two uniquely different and exciting layouts.

One Photo, Two Layouts

All Wet
Designer Kelly Goree loved the water splashes that she was able to capture on film and wanted to replicate the look in her layout. Chipboard elements from BasicGrey provided just the right effect for mimicking the water fountains in her photo. A white opaque pen was used to add dots and dashes simulating water droplets, guiding the eye around the page.

Catch a Wave
As this straight-forward layout clearly shows, journaling your thoughts need not be complicated. Wrapping your words around all four sides of the photo creates a unique border and nudges the eye to focus on what’s important: a simple moment that captures the tenderness between father and son. The wave cutout is the perfect element to bind the photo and the appro-priate title together in an interesting way.

Beach Bum
Rather than mat both photos in a traditional manner, designer Patty Lennon cut a large geometric light turquoise shape for the main photo that commands a healthy portion of her layout. A journaled block, cut to fit, balances out the bottom of the shape. Narrow strips of darker turquoise were used to further divide the shape, forcing the eye inward to remain focused on the main photo.

Beach Bum

A priceless photo of a toddler’s first time at the beach is too irresistible not to save for posterity. The embellishments used here are a wonderful illustration of how to interpret natural elements. Liberal use of transparencies captures the feeling of water. The large circular die cut mimics the motion of waves, while the smaller die cut reflects the rays of a brilliant summer sun.

The Ocean at my Feet
Whirlpool-like circles and bubbles patterned paper creates the perfect background and circle frames zero in on Claude’s photo. Choosing hot pink cardstock to create the heart, circle frame, and journaled circle adds the perfect punch, while the triangular placement of these three elements moves your eye around the page.

The Good Times Boys
When designer Becky Thackston saw the patterned paper featured here, the fun summer colors reminded her of a special day on holiday. Keeping journaling and embellishments at a minimum maximizes the easy progression from one photo to another.

Growing Up
A tender moment is captured and preserved forever on this hybrid layout, complete with sentimental journaling. Earth-tone patterned papers were chosen to coordinate with the colors in the photo, while buttons and other embellishments selected provide a nice contrast.

Growing Up

I Think I Can
Wishing she had more time to spend with her grandchildren, designer Diane Schultz created this colorful and beautifully designed page to capture the memories of a wonderful summer’s day outing.

Aiming High
Arrows away! Painted photo edges, stamped arrows, paper arrows, embossed and enamel stars, textured cardstock, and transparent titles all add depth to this aspirational, two-page hybrid layout.

Fourth of July
Simple but appropriate embellishments allow the colorful photos of a July 4th firework display to reign supreme in spectacular color. As this layout shows, sometimes less is definitely more.

Spectacular photos of July 4th fireworks are simply arranged and need little in the way of additional embellishments on this simple, yet stunning page. Designer Christi Spadoni provides personal tips for taking photos like those featured here, which can be found at the end of the step-by-step instructions for creating her layout.


Inspired by a painting, designer Judith Mara cut three shades of blue cardstock into small rectangular strips, then adhered them into a wave shape to mimic painted brush strokes. This technique may be a bit time consuming, but well worth the effort.

Ice Cream Truck
This layout is based on a sketch by Becky Fleck. The designer chose the patterned papers because the pretty, summery colors reminded her of sherbet and sweet summer treats

Autumn Air Dry
I love the smell and feel of laundry hung out to dry. When fall arrived, I decided to wash and dry my bedding so that it could get one last hang outside. After I hung them and the wind started to blow, I ran to get my camera because to me it was such a beautiful sight. I think we should all capture some of the small everyday moments that mean a lot to us

A fun-loving photo of a little girl and her Daddy is delightfully scrapped in the layout featured here. Lively floral prints and a simple word patterned paper provide the perfect photo matting, while a journaling spot and the curved placement of the title carries through with the circular movement captured in the photo.

Swing Time
Working with a boldly colored photo like the one featured here can be challenging. Do you minimize or maximize the layout to accommodate the photo? Donna Bryant Durand chose to maximize everything, and not surprisingly, it works!

Who Knew?
Interested in creating your own background papers? Well, here’s an easy and fun technique to try using Twinkling H20s and rock salt. Regular watercolor paints can be substituted, and if you don’t have rock salt on hand, large grain bath salts or table salt work quite nicely.



Personality Profiles
Discovering what your personal craft style reveals about you! Whether selecting scrapbook paper, cardstock, greeting cards, wallpaper, paintings or new wardrobe items, most people are consistently drawn to basic color schemes, reflecting a bit of their attitude and/or revealing something about their inner personality. Select your favorite color scheme below and see how it matches up to your personality, the artist within, and that of a famous artist!

Funny Page Layouts: Comic Relief for Scrappers
Making its appearance in newspapers in the late 19th century, comic strips make humorous, political, and social commentary about our daily lives. The format is unique, featuring a series of drawings confined within different sized panels placed vertically or horizontally on the page. Speech and thought are presented in “balloons,” while other iconic images are immediately identifiable in any language. Star shapes represent pain, sawing logs symbolize snoring, and a string of asterisks, exclamation points, and other symbols are acceptable substitutes for anger or off-color remarks. Cartoonists, or comic artists, are not confined to expressing themselves in print alone. More and more television commercials are substituting actors for cartoon characters and employing comic-like drawings to get their message across in a witty manner. The layouts featured here present both traditional and liberal interpretation of comic strip fundamentals. Whether employing familiar scrapbooking techniques with a cartoon twist, using computer software to create comic images, cutting and pasting photos onto cartoon look-alikes, or drawing your own from scratch, comic style layouts inspire thinking “outside the box” in both journaling and artistic creativity. A special offering of funny page papers and other products are offered on page 89 for those who would like to see a sampling of what is available in the marketplace for creating your own comic strip layouts.

Funny Page

The Nothing in Particular Album
Creative industry gone wild is what this little grunge album is all about. Designer Sam Cousins “went crazy” with random photos, odd-lot embellishments and any other doodads she could put her hands on. “I had never done anything like this before,” Sam said. “I just made one page at a time and didn’t care how it would all fit together. One page didn’t tell me how to do the next, and the album is compiled from a pile of photos about nothing…photos that would otherwise have ended up living in a box somewhere. So, I figured, why not?” There’s definitely something to be said about nothing…

Get Close to Nature: Digital Macro Photography
From blades of grass and colorful flowers to interesting insects and birds, the sights, sounds, and smells of nature can inspire even the most resistant photographer. Whether you’re enjoying a vast landscape or a small patch of greenery, capturing the essence in a photo can be a challenge. It’s time to get close to nature and master your digital camera’s macro mode setting!

A Flourish for Every Season
This is the second installment of A Flourish for Every Season. We continue with our series format of selecting one major embellishment to represent each season and showing how four talented designers chose to design their pages around it. Stitched flourishes created with embroidery floss and ribbons provide a delightful, dimensional accent that beautifully enhances each layout.

Refreshing Treat

Slider’s Frame
I had several photos of my daughter that I liked and couldn’t decide which one to use in a frame. I thought this was a good way to use multiple photos and still use only one frame

Grateful Album
Each page in this album captures the specifics of what there is to be grateful for. It’s amazing how one event can be an eye opener as to what it is that you have and how lucky you are to have it. Documenting that one particular event into an album, such as the one featured here, easily allows you to flip your way through to both remember and treasure that special moment in time for years to come. Key points to keep in mind when creating your own special memory album would be to freehand doodle around images and record personal thoughts in your own script. Also, remember to open the pages and adhere the chipboard letters to spell the word “grateful” onto the bottom right corner of each page before assembling the album. Pairing favorite photos with quotes and various coordinating papers and embellishments make this piece a precious memory keeper.

Out-of-Order — NEW SERIES
File it, Don't pile it!

Exclusive Freebie
This fun, retro-inspired digital kit freebie from Polka Dot Potato ( calls to mind the relaxed, laid-back days of summer. This time around, designers like Jennifer Riggins, Kristin Aagard, Bobbie Wheeler, and Tanya Nichols got together to create a bright and colorful collection with a rockin’ seaside vibe. “At the Beach” contains over 24 different papers in stripes, dots, florals, and solids, along with over 39 embellishments (like clips, frames, flowers, and flourishes), and one full alpha set, complete with punc-tuation. Download your free kit today from

exclusive freebie

Funny Page Product Sampler
Here is but a small sampling of what products are available on the marketplace for creating your own funny page layouts.


Little Girl Dreams
An absolutely charming photo of two little flower girls sets the tone for this sweet layout. Patterned papers in several shades of pink are trimmed with scallop borders, coordinated flowers, and dots of pearl paint. A perfect page to remember a perfect day.

Summer Frolic
Popular and well-known quilter Debbie Mumm has designed everything from fabric and dinnerware to stationery and paper products. Her Froggie Frolic collection of patterned papers, stickers, and cutouts featured here blends happy colors with a free-spirited sense of humor.

Summer Frolic

You Are What You Eat
I’ve wanted to scrap these pictures of my boys at our local ‘You Pick’ farm for over a year and could never find just the right papers and embellish-ments. When I saw this adorable veggie paper and coordinating stamps from BasicGrey, I knew I had the perfect match.

Daddy’s Garden
This photo was taken of a garden lover’s bounty of freshly picked vegetables. The gardener is designer Becky Thackston’s father, and it would seem as though the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He has a naturally green thumb for gardening, while Becky has an equally talented thumb for scrapbooking!

Anatomy of a Tattoo
An up-close and personal look at the tattoo artist’s work table is engagingly illustrated in this colorful and creatively executed layout. At first glance, layered and angled patterned papers, overlapping journaled strips and chaotically arranged letters seem to be applied haphazardly, but in truth, are placed with much precision and care. Edges are evenly antiqued and perfectly cut, while hand doodling is equally spaced. The result is a well-balanced and beautifully designed layout.