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This issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond is timeless, eclectic in nature, and lends itself to a variety of themes and creative styles. We boldly suggest that you turn the clock face to the wall and feel free to travel our Destinations layouts from around the globe without fear of losing your way. With no tick-tock resounding in your ears, you may want to deliberately (and privately) lose yourself while reading our Dear Diary pages. And, it’s perfectly okay if you forget about time altogether and take a joyful (and daring) stroll through one of our featured selections, Street Scenes, or perhaps you’d prefer to sip a nice cup of coffee while deliciously recreating our Café du Matin, Lulu’s, or Chocolate Chevies layouts (they’re all pretty yummy).

If you’re going to lose track of time, or maybe a day or two like the rest of us, you might as well do it here among understanding friends!

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Tastes Like Purple
Designed by Christi Spadoni
"This is just a funny little story. I love to scrapbook these types of random things. I’ll always know I had birthdays and celebrated Christmas, but will I remember the name of the wine that tastes like purple?”

Cafe Du Matin
Designed by Claude Campeau
For coffee lovers, nothing beats a cup of their favorite brew to start the day! Journaling: I love my morning coffee. In fact, I am quite adevoted to it! I always look forward to that first sip: it always seems to soothe me even when I don't realize I need soothing. There's something to be said about that hot liquied going down ...

Designed by Christi Spadoni
If you’re sweet on sweets, this is the layout (and bakery) for you! Located in Boston’s historic North End, Lulu’s is a little bakery tucked in among the Italian restaurants. Designer Christi Spadoni took photos of her favorite treats and arranged them with a charming blend of patterned papers and jewel-studded flowers. A nice touch is Lulu’s business card, which serves as the title.

Chocolate Chevies
Designed by Samantha Walker
I’m sure that each of us has a humorous family story to pass on and enjoy. For designer Samantha Walker, it’s a favorite bar cookie recipe called Chocolate Chevies. For years, the family referred to their favorite dessert by that name, until they discovered that the cookbook had a typo. The actual name for the cookie was Chocolate Chewies! The mistake was eventually corrected in the cookbook, but not by the Walker family. Chocolate Chevies it was, and Chocolate Chevies it remains…gotta love it!

Family TiesFamily Ties
Designed by Rhonna Farrer
Sure, family life has its ups and downs, especially when parents disagree or siblings argue. But it’s that very energy that builds memories. Rhonna Farrer celebrates family with this digital layout, which is structured around different parts of the same image.

Life Is...
Designed by Terrie Logan
Designer Terrie Logan added artistic elements and stylized journaling to this digital layout to truly document a vacation memory. A multitude of flourishes and overlays adds spice and a touch of grunge!

Scrapbooking family outings and vacations is one of the many ways to preserve special moments that everyone can share and enjoy. Featured here are a variety of styles, techniques, and photos that are sure to spark the imagination for creating your future destination layouts. Layouts include:Family Vacation; Rockmort, Mass; The Journey is the Reward; Pike Street Market; and Where in the World?

The Story of Pidgy
Designed by Amy Tara Koeppel
"My son, Logan, and I were cleaning out his room one day when we came across this photo of him with his bird, Pidgy. It was the only photo we have of the bird so I thought I should make a layout for it. He wanted to do the journaling. He did a draft first, then I gave him a piece of cardstock which I had lined and he wrote the journaling himself using a pencil (in case he made mistakes). The journaling is in his words/ his writing. That is what makes this lay-out so special. It’s from his heart. And BTW, we really miss Pidgy because she truly was a wonderful pet.”

Can You Hear Me Now?
Designed by Judith Mara
Some pets think they’re people, and Bertie Bunny lets everyone in the household know when she’s been offended by turning her back and watching with a wary eye until her point is taken. This layout was inspired by a sketch designed by Kelly Purkey at

Tristan's Best Friend
Designed by Annette Pixly
Regardless of eye shape, fur or feather color, tail or no tail, a best friend is a best friend. And so it is with designer Annette Pixley’s son, Tristan. When his pet rat developed pneumonia, the veterinarian’s bill ($50), nose drop, medication, and shots (you don’t want to know) were far greater than the $8 Annette paid for the furry critter. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? But in the end, love won out (priceless!).

Still Very Much Loved
Designed by Claude Campeau
It doesn’t seem to matter what age we are. Whether it’s hanging out in a favorite old shirt, or cuddling up with a much loved stuffed toy, enjoying the “warm and fuzzies” is always a good thing.

Bucket List
Designed by Carrie Leavitt 
"It is very important to me to not only scrapbook about the events and the things we do, but also about the things we think and feel. After watching the movie The Bucket List, I was inspired to spend some time thinking about what I want to accomplish before I ‘kick the bucket!’ I have Scrapbooking & Beyond to thank for helping me accomplish one of the items on my Bucket List – to get published. I may need to consider adding to my list if I continue to cross items off so soon.”

What Matters Most
Designed by Hilde Janbroers
This photo of two-week-old Amy and her grandfather is a very precious photo for designer Hilde Janbroers. Not long after, he passed away at the blessed age of 91. “I’m so glad we had the chance to take this photo,” says Hilde. Years from now, Amy will be glad her mom did, too.

Designed by Donna Bryant Durand
As adults, we seem to have forgotten some of the simple pleasures taken for granted in our childhood. Silly little things, like looking up at the sky and looking for familiar shapes in the clouds or just soaking up the sun in the backyard and letting our imagination roam to faraway places. Designer Donna Bryant Durand did just that and allows her thoughts to spill out of the photo and onto the page. Letting the child inside you out from time to time is a good thing!

Dear Diary
Designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Designer Julie Fei-Fan Balzer takes an entirely different view and approach to scrapping both her photos and feelings. Her approach is clean and direct with minimal embellishments, allowing the photo and words to stand on their own. The stunning pages she creates from simple materials, hand journaling, and a great sense of form and style give her layouts a WOW factor that is hard to beat. Layouts include: By the Numbers, I Don't Live in the World, Objects in the Mirror, 2006.

Designed by Nic Howard
This sweet photo is further enhanced by beautifully coordinated patterned papers and a series of numbers, letters, and butterfly embellishments to focus on the number four: the age of little Abby in the photo. Another nice touch is the gentle curling of the paper’s edges. This technique is easy to do. Simply dampen the edges with water, then use your fingers to curl. For ease in creating this layout, a pattern placement guide is provided on the pattern pull-out.

Desert Beauty
Designed by Kelly Goree
This beautiful photo of a Mexican Bird of Paradise plant is stunningly showcased by the richly colored Ambrosia Collection of patterned papers by BasicGrey. One might think that pairing several orange and red papers with the colorful photo would make the layout too “hot.” But Kelly kept it “cooled down” by layering black and charcoal papers, a black tattoo rub-on, and white journaled strips placed strategically on both sides of the photo.

Urban Cowboy
Designed by Patti Behan
Crackle paint and ink pads make perfect partners and a real good start in achieving an aged and rustic look. Now let’s take it a step further and make it cowboy rustic by adding nail heads and jute borders. Throw out a lasso of twine and now we’re talkin’ down home country western. Yeeha!

Designed by Nicole Capote
Wanted…for being one of the cutest cowgirls both east and west of the Mississippi! Small details provide big rewards for this sweet page. Double matting the photos and word strips help to move your eye around the page, while using foam dots to adhere every other letter in the title adds dimension.

My Sweet Cecelia
Designed by Jane Guthrie
As is the case with many layouts, the colors and patterned papers selected to create the page are determined by the photo. The challenge I faced here was that I wanted to use the color pink to scrap this photo of my granddaughter, Cecelia, but her favorite color is blue. So, what’s a grandmother to do? Why, I compromised, of course! I chose blue ink to journal and a small blue calico print (Cecelia would be pleased) overlaid with a yellow silhouette paper that I felt captured both the colors and country feeling evoked in the photo. Narrow matting, a pretty oval frame, and rose were “must have” pink (now I’m happy), while one large blue rose takes center stage (both Cecelia and I are smiling). I just love happy endings.

Half Pint
Designed by Lynnise Bowman
"I absolutely love those rare moments when you manage to capture the true personality of the person you are photographing. This was one of those moments. My youngest son is full of life and a little bit of a stinker. This photograph of him while we were on a recent camping trip fully captures that ornery side of his personality. I kept the embellishments low to keep the attention focused right where it should be – on those ornery eyes.”

Where Two Seasons Meet and Blink
Designed by Rita Shimniok
Time passes and waits for no one. It’s simply the nature of things. The two layouts featured here beautifully express the anticipation of the future, while wishing that sometime, the clock would stop ticking and let us enjoy the moment for just a little while longer.

Designed by Samantha Walker
Incorporating stitching of any kind is a great way to express your personality. Machine stitching was used in a free-spirited fashion on this layout and the results couldn’t be more charming. Epoxy centers crown each of the die-cut flowers, while epoxy number circles add the perfect finishing touch to each of the curled stems.

Chalk Talk
Times seems to run full speed ahead once children start school, and many ask themselves, “Why, just yesterday they were learning to walk and ride a bike … how did they grow up so fast?” Scrapping a layout about your child’s first day of school is an excellent way to freeze that moment in time to be enjoyed for years to come. Layouts includes Here Comes Nate and Time Flies

Designed by Marah Johnson
Steeped in Asian symbols and motifs, this stunning collection of plain and foiled pat-terned papers is rich in color and design, beautifully enhancing the solitary photo. Gold coins and epoxy stickers are the only embellishments used and are all part of this luxurious collection.

Enjoy the Little Things
Designed by Donna Bryant Durand
There’s nothing better than a crisp autumn day for the family to take a ride to their favorite farm in search of the perfect pumpkin. One photo from that day will help remind you to enjoy the little things in life.

Remember When
Designed by Christi Spadoni
"It was really neat seeing my dad’s photo in the paper. He passed away 17 years ago, but his memory has definitely lived on in our community. I decided that instead of just hanging onto the clipping, I should scrap it like I would a photo from that same timeframe. I was able to glance at the photo quickly and pick out my dad’s face, but I knew most other family members and friends would have to rely on reading the caption to find him, so I turned a journaling block on its side and used the tail as an arrow. Reading through the team roster, it also struck me as interesting that so many of the young men in this team photo became the fathers of children I was friends with as a teenager.”

Nature's Beauty
Designed by Staci Compher
This one photo speaks thousands of words and memories with beauty, grace, and peace.


Street ScenesStreet Scenes
Designed by Audrey Neal
Have you advanced to Photoshop CS? If so, this triptych, with its hip urban feel, is a perfect way to get used to applying actions. Actions, essentially prerecorded steps that automate a manipulation process, are real timesavers for creating spectacular photo effects. (There are similar actions that can be used in Elements – just consult the Web for instructions!) 

A Flourish for Every Season
This is the third installment of A Flourish for Every Season. Our featured embellishment is the ever popular and versatile Rub-On. With a multitude of styles, designs, and colors from which to choose, Rub-Ons are the perfect choice for enhancing scrapbook layouts and other paper crafting projects. Featured here are four pages from our talented team of designers showing just a few of the endless possibilities that Rub-Ons offer.

Out of Order
by Lisa Lelas
Getting Your Hobbies in Order – Five Steps from Start to Finish

Nostalgic Photo Album
Designed by Diane Schltz
Rich in color and nostalgia, the glory of yesteryear comes alive with bold imagery and coordinating patterned paper and tags to create this stunning album.

Binder Albums
Transform these binder albums into your own scrapbook, journal, mini book or recipe book – or use it to store memorabilia or other treasured mementos. Made from heavyweight bookboard, and post-bound, the albums are ready for you to decorate with papers, stamps, paint, ink, and more. Johnson Family by Laura Nicholas; Travel by Tessa Bundy.

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