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Scrapbooking & Beyond™ is published four times a year by All American Craft Inc. and is sold via subscription, on newsstands, and in craft shops. Additional copies are distributed at trade and consumer shows and through mailed media kits.

One of the most frequently asked questions from scrapbookers is: “What’s new?” Scrapbooking & Beyond™ is a unique new magazine geared for both the archival and creative scrapbooker. Learn how to create and display treasured keepsakes. Discover how to preserve special memories in unique ways. Simple to elaborate page layouts, altered books and both photo and computer journaling are but a few of the exciting projects and articles featured in full color and presented with complete and easy instructions. New products, tips, human-interest stories, and a reader’s gallery will be featured in each issue.

While other scrapbook magazines devote the majority of it’s pages to simply show scrapbook layouts, Scrapbooking & Beyond™provides both seasoned pros and newcomers with the inspiration to create the page and the education to make the page.

Scrapbooking & Beyond ™ be your guide for learning, creating and sharing.

2010 Advertising Schedule

Cover On Sale Space Reserv. Materials Due Focus
Spring 2010 03-02-10 12-08-09 12-22-09 Floral, nature
Summer 2010 06-01-10 03-18-10 04-01-10 Bridal, Graduation, Beach, Travel
Fall 2010 08-31-10 06-17-10 07-01-10 The Great Outdoors, School Days, Halloween
Winter 2011 11-30-10 09-16-10 09-30-10 Holiday, Winter, Romance

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About the Magazine

Scrapbooking & Beyond ™answers the question, “What’s new?” Geared for both archival and creative scrapbookers, this magazine will teach how to create, display and preserve special memories in unique ways.

The majority of our readers are female, and looking for innovative ideas to enhance their favorite creative outlet. For more information or for a complimentary subscription, please call the Advertising Department at:

A 15% discount is allowed on all camera-ready ads; net 30 days. Cash must accompany all orders except where credit has been established. Placement preferences should be requested at the time of space reservation. We will honor such requests whenever possible. Cancellation is not accepted for any reason after closing date. Cancellation of any portion of a contract voids all rates and position protection and results in short rating. Cover contracts are non-cancelable.

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About Our Company

Scrapbooking & Beyond ™ is published by All American Crafts, a company all about people—people who happen to publish the finest craft, art, and hobby magazines in the industry.

The key to our success and continued growth is the passion our creative team brings to the publications they create. All American Crafts operates as a family unit with one common goal—to produce the best possible magazines that will provide endless creative fun for all of our readers.

The All American Crafts team performs magic each month by creating hundreds of pages with the finest projects that top designers from around the world have to offer. Our presentation is second to none, with state-of-the-art design, layout, photography, and special effects—plus full size patterns and detailed how-to instructions. It's people at their creative best!

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