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A Scrapbooking & Beyond Riddle & Giveaway

Can you guess where these snowy photos were taken?

First Snowfall

Clue No. 1: It hasn’t snowed there in, like, forever.

Clue No. 2: Although one of the original 13 colonies, it was the fourth to be admitted into the Union.
How about it? Got the answer? No? Well then, on to...

Clue No. 3: It was the setting for Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind (one of my favorite books).
How about now…know what state it is? If not, don’t give up…here’s the last clue!

Clue No. 4: Mr. Snowman’s hair is a dead giveaway…it’s bright and it’s peachy keen.

Got an answer?
Enter your guess for a chance to win a fun winter gift generously provided by, just for participating!