Take your scrapbooking to the next level

No doubt, by now you know that every spare moment I have in my life revolves around scrapbooking.

I just love to take the time to plan the perfect book, get all the necessary pieces together and then to finally put each particular aspect of the scrapbook in place. When it all works out correctly, you have just the perfect way to look back at an important time in your life, be it the birth of a baby, a birthday, a wedding or any other highlight you may choose.


There are some however, that think scrapbooks are somewhat dull. It really doesn’t have to be this way at all. Let’s take a look at two unique ideas I was privileged enough to make.

Thinking outside the box

baby albumAs I have become a more experienced scrapbooker, I have found a multitude of ways to make my work unique. In the beginning, if I am honest, my books were somewhat bland, even a little bit on the boring side! The more experienced I became and the more I made use of the internet (Pinterest in particular), the more I learned and the more daring I became.

For example, I was asked to make a scrapbook for my sister’s first born child. Her daughter Matilda had just turned two, and she wanted a piece celebrating the first couple of years of her life. pink baby blanket on a bedNow Matilda was given one of the most beautiful baby blankets as a gift when she was born. Not only did it have incredible imaginary of Disney princesses on it, but it was extremely thick, warm and colourful.
Matilda loved this baby blanket so much that I decided to use it as the focal point for the scrapbook. Of course, I could not cut it up at all, so I found one online at www.bundleandco.com.au and used that. Not only did I use the baby blanket as a cover, but I cut small pieces of it and placed it throughout the scrapbook. It actually carried a beautiful theme throughout the whole book. More importantly, My sister (and Matilda) loved it!

Another “brooch”

pink scrapbook with decorative brooch on itI did something similar with a collection of brooches for a dear friend of mine. She loves jewellery and has kept every piece she ever owned, even those she received when she was a young child. As she did not wear many of her pieces anymore, I decided to put them into a scrapbook which would be kept on her coffee table – a real conversation starter. She had a large collection of brooches, and I decided that they would use them to form the focal point of the piece. She really had some stunning pieces and the finished product became the conversation starter she intended. It also led to a lot of other orders from many of her friends, keeping me busy for months!

So just as these examples show, no matter what you choose to scrapbook, your only limit is your imagination.