Scrapbooking 101 – My own scrapbooking classes

So with all the knowledge I have built up over the past five years of constant scrapbooking, I was looking at a way that I could give something back. I thought a brilliant idea would be to hold scrapbooking classes, for kids specifically, but of course, I wouldn’t say no if their parents joined up with them.

Scrapbooking pepper and cards

What do cushions have to do with scrapbooking?

The first thing I had to do was find a venue. Our local scout hall was perfect. Not only did it have all the necessary equipment in the form of tables and benches, but it was huge. So even if 50 people signed up for my classes, I would be able to accommodate them. This was crucial to me as I didn’t want to turn anyone away.

I decided to do a quick trial run with a few family and friends. Mostly I wanted to make sure that everything ran smoothly and that my first lesson was presented in an easy to follow way, especially for the kiddies. So there we were on a Saturday morning, ten strong, with me leading a scrapbooking lesson. I decided that an hour lesson would be long enough to get across some early basics, which would allow anyone to go home and to try scrapbooking for themselves. Unfortunately, I had not reckoned on the hard benches in the scout hall. Now, if the participants were only going to sit they would be all right, but when you scrapbook, you often find all manner of ways to sit. In fact, I often place my legs down in a kneeling fashion. This just enables me to lean forward and to reach all my utensils as well as the different areas of the scrapbook pages.

The scout hall benches made this practically impossible and over and above a few helpful pointers that my family and friends gave me, the overwhelming problem was the hardness of the benches. My mother had a brilliant idea to overcome this – cushions. We thought they would be a great way to make the benches easier to use. I ordered a few large colourful cushions online from who had a fantastic range at great prices meaning we could get as many as we wanted. We made sure that they were pretty bulky and comfortable but remaining pliable. Even better though they had some matching collections which looked great.bright colourful cushion laid out on a bed

The next Wednesday was D-Day! Around 30 kids and their parents, mostly mothers but one or two brave fathers had signed up for my first class. We had an absolute ball. I started with a little bit of theory but after 10 minutes we dug right into the nitty-gritty of scrapbooking and got our hands dirty! We began with a simple scrapbook about “Our favourite things” – something I felt would appeal to the kids, and it did!

The cushions were well used by those of us who like to sit in different positions or who struggle to sit still, although a few of the older children just sat on the scout benches as per normal. I am glad that I purchased them, otherwise my first lesson could have been a disaster.

Lesson number two is up tomorrow! I can’t wait.