Ideas for scrapbooking your recent holiday

Italy was incredible!  What a breathtaking country!  There are so many picturesque towns, ancient buildings and monuments to visit, and let’s not forget the food.  I think I put on at least 5 kilograms while we were there.  Nobody can make pasta like the Italians can!

I must have taken over 2000 photos over the course of our holiday which means I have so much to choose from when I make a travel scrapbook of our travels.

We started our Italian holiday off in Rome.  We then travelled to Venice, Naples and the Tuscany region before ending off by travelling back to the Italian capital.  There was so much to see and do everywhere we went!  I really loved the tours around each city we visited.  Italy has some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen.  If you haven’t yet, make sure you visit Italy at some point on your travels, you will not be disappointed.

Of course I have some great ideas for a scrapbook documenting our holiday.  I thought I would share then with you so the next time you go on holiday, you can try them out as well.

1. Collect, collect, collect

scissors pins envelopes laid out

While we travelled, I made sure that I collected everything I thought I could use in the scrapbook.  Coins, bank notes (if you have any left of course), brochures, postcards and hotel business cards all can be used throughout the scrapbook to serve as specific reminders of each place you visited.

Now some things you collect might be small, but I keep these in a special compartment of my travel wallet so they won’t get lost.  Other than keeping all our travel documents, money and travellers cheques, my travel wallet has many uses! I picked it up from a speciality store call Drift Travel Wallets.

2. You can never have enough photos

I took photos of everything!  Panoramic views, sunsets, buildings, my family and the food we ate.  I even took photos of Brian exercising with his resistance bands which he picked up from a specialty store called Nomad Resistance Bands!  No one will believe me that Brian actually would have exercised on our holiday, but now I can document it in our scrapbook.  I know his friends will have a laugh!  Who exercises on their holiday?  Maybe I should have followed his example though.  Brian didn’t put on 5 kilograms now did he?

3. Include quirky pages

If you are like me and you keep a daily journal then you can incorporate it into your scrapbook.

A unique contents page is also a great idea.  Try placing the order of your scrapbook like this:

  • Cities we visited.
  • What we saw.
  • Things we did.
  • Food we ate.

For the final page of your scrapbook, use various numbers to document your travels, for example:

  • We flew 10 000 kilometres.
  • We drove 1500 kilometres.
  • We visited 4 cities.
  • We took 2000 + photos.
  • All that remains is 2 tired children, 1 fit husband and 1 uncomfortable wife.

guy surrounded by vinyl record albums

Something along these lines will be a great way to end off your scrapbook.  I still need to play around some more but those are my initial ideas.   The numbers themselves can be cut out of magazines, made of foam or even get your kids to make them for you.

There are so many more great ideas out there!  Remember, it is your scrapbook, use your imagination and go wild.  Happy travels and happy scrapbooking.