40th birthday scrapbooking ideas

In a month’s time Brian will be turning the big 4-0!

Time really flies.  It seems like just the other day that I saw this tall, gangly, long haired guy at university.  I can’t say I was immediately attracted to him, but if I am honest, there was something about him.  Once he cut his hair however, wow, let’s just say I did pursue him after that and 3 years later we were married!

A special gift for Brian


I want to do something special for Brian for his birthday and my scrapbooking group came up with a perfect idea that I know he will love.  I am going to make him a “This is your life!” scrapbook!  Cool idea right?

I am in the process of collecting any photos of Brian that I can lay my hands on.  I have asked family and friends to give me any that they might have.  I have also asked them to write down their favourite story about Brian.  I will then combine the photos, stories and little mementoes into the scrapbook.  It really is going to work so well.

Some photos and stories have started to come in already.  Ted, Brian’s best friend had this incredible black and white photo of Brian from our university days.  He is standing over a record player, just about to put a new record on the turntable he bought from here.  Brian has always loved music.  While we were in university, he would spend all his spare money on records.  It probably explains why I had to pay for hotdogs when we went out on a date.

One happy husband


Just the other day we decided that we would like to redo our entertainment area.  Brian really wanted a place where we can entertain our friends.

We bought a nice modern bar and these beautiful bar stools from this online store that are covered in red leather.  They are very trendy and modern looking and look stunning next to the bar.  We both love them, which is amazing because our tastes don’t often match.

I also surprised Brian with a record player and a couple of records.  He was really excited when I gave them to him and spent the afternoon sitting on a bar stool listening to records.  I told him the record player was part of his birthday gifts.  He wanted to know what the other part was, but I kept the scrapbook a secret.   I think that when the scrapbook is done it will take pride of place on Brian’s bar.