Top Scrapbooking Tips

I just love scrapbooking!  I find it so relaxing and I spend any spare minute I can find pursuing my hobby although this can be difficult sometimes with a husband and two little boys running around the house.  Brian, my husband understands my love for my hobby and he makes sure that he keeps the boys out of my hair for a little each day so I can pursue my passion.

Scrapbooking allows my creative side to come out and I love that!   I can focus my energy and time into my hobby and produces some amazing pieces.  Of course most of my scrapbooks focus on my family and what we get up to.

Scrapbooking is something you learn and improve at, but one thing I always keep coming back to is a list of important scrapbooking tips that I was given by my good friend Wendy.  She gave me this list when I first started out scrapbooking.  These ideas really helped me and I want to share a few with you.

1. Workspace
Your workspace is extremely important.  If you are not comfortable, do not have enough area to work in or you are constantly interrupted it will show in your scrapbooking projects.  Bear in mind that scrapbooking can take Pendant Lightsintense concentration at times.

Lighting also plays a massive role while you scrapbook.  Remember, you are often working with small objects, pieces of paper and stickers.  The correct lighting will go a long way to helping with accuracy when placing small objects.  For this reason, I have pendant lights in my scrapbooking room which I can switch on and off as I move between my work areas.

My workspace has everything I need.   Other than the pendant lights providing specific task lighting, I have three work areas, storage filled with scrapbooking supplies and a bookcase with scrapbooking magazines and books.  These give me so many great ideas for new projects.

The most important thing in my room is my beautiful wall clock.  It was a

10th anniversary give from Brian.  Not only does it look amazing but it fills the important function of helping me to keep track of time while I am scrapbooking and as you know, time flies when you are having fun!  My wall clock has actually saved one or two meals in my oven as I love to sneak away to scrapbook while I am waiting on something cooking in the oven.

Modern wooden wall clock

2. Organise!

I can’t stress this enough!  Remain organised at all times; it really makes scrapbooking so much easier.

I like to work on multiple projects at once but I make sure that I keep all materials and any notes separate.  I also pack each project into its own storage container when I am finished working.  That way nothing can get mixed together, and believe me, with young boys around, it can happen so easily.

Before you start each project make sure you have everything you may need including materials and tools.

3. Plan your project

Planning your project beforehand really is the best way to scrapbook.  If you know exactly what you want to achieve, you can be sure your end product will be a masterpiece!

I often write planning notes before I start, with lists of materials I might need as well as specific tools I will use.

I have made copies of this list for my students for my first scrapbooking class next week!  I think they will find it as useful as I have.

I can’t wait to teach others about scrapbooking, I am sure they will love it as much as I do.  It is going to be so much fun!