Scrapbooking ideas for a picnic

Happy summer holidays!

I really love this time of year.  The boys are on school holidays, Brian takes a break from work and we get to spend some quality time as a family!  It helps that the weather is perfect as well; we spend a lot of our days outdoors.

As the boys are now getting older and starting to enjoy playing outside, we decided to take them to the beach during the first week of the holiday.   Brian had a great idea and suggested that we should have a beach picnic.  I love picnics, but we don’t go on nearly enough of them as a family.   I decided that if we get a few picnic necessities then it is probably something we would do more often.  No good buying picnic equipment and letting it stand around unused!


I bought a large picnic basket from Bask Picnic Rugs (there has to be space for some bubbly you know) and a beautiful red and white picnic blanket.   It is massive and perfect for our family and more if we invite someone along.

The morning of our picnic I was up early making sandwiches and packing in treats for our day at the beach.  I invited Annie and her kids to come along and everyone had such a ball together.  Annie’s girls are two years older than my boys but they all get along so well.  Brian, Annie and myself had an awesome time just relaxing and chatting while the children ran up and down the beach, splashed in the water, made sandcastles and ate ice-cream of course.  What’s a trip to the beach without ice-cream?  I think they probably enjoyed that the most!

Annie was really impressed with the picnic blanket, especially its quality and size.   She spent most her time lying on it and relaxing.


Collecting the goodies

I had some great ideas for a holiday scrapbook so we went for a walk along the beach.  We picked up small pieces of driftwood, some shells, seaweed and a seagull feather.  We also filled a small flat plastic container with some sea water and collected some beach sand.  The boys enjoyed running along the beach bringing back items they had found along the way.  They have boundless energy at times; I don’t know where they get it from.

Along with the 150 photos I took of our day out, the beach mementoes we collected will form the start of the boy’s first beach picnic scrapbook.  I really like to use different pieces to help make the scrapbook interesting and all the mementoes we collected will help with that.  I am also going to include drawings that I will have the boy’s do of their day at the beach.  I can’t wait for out next picnic!  Maybe we will try the forest next time.