My first scrapbooking class

The big day finally arrived and I was really nervous but excited at the same time! I could not believe that I was going to teach a group of people about my favorite hobby.

My hobby was turning into an income generator!  I have no doubt that any income that I do receive will be ploughed straight back into scrapbooking!  I think the thing that made me most happy was that I was going to be sharing my knowledge about scrapbooking with other likeminded people.

Time for scrapbooking!

picI was a nervous wreck by the time the doorbell rang, signalling the arrival of the first scrapbookers for the evening!  Of course, my three closest friends would arrive first!  That really helped to ease my nerves.  Barbara, Kate and Mary had wanted to give scrapping a try for a while and they were the first to sign up when I told them that I would be starting a class.  My sister, Annie, arrived next followed by two ladies who had seen an advert I placed at the local library.  June and May were young and full of fun.  They kept us laughing all night and I am so glad that they came.   They said they would bring a few more friends the next time as well!

I decided that we would all sit around my big dining room table, so that everyone would have more than enough space to work.  It would allow us to keep a glass of wine close at hand as well, very important to break the ice!

I recently bought some beautiful blue cushions online and placed one on each seat.  It was interesting to see how each person used the cushions differently.  Some sat down on them, others used the cushions and leant on the seat with one knee while standing and working, while Annie put the cushion on the floor to rest her feet on!  That’s what you get for wearing high heels all day I guess!

To make sure we had enough light, I placed our nice new modern floor lamp in the centre of the table.  Not only did it help us while scrapping, it made finding our wine glasses easier as well.

What an enjoyable evening


Our first scrapbooking project involved our favourite picture of ourselves.  This would then form the cover for our scrapbook.  After I presented a few ideas and answered a couple of questions everyone got down to business and I am pleased to say that they produced some amazing covers.  They are all so creative!  I was extremely proud of Annie’s though, she really did a brilliant job, and her project looked amazing.  I guess scrapbooking talent runs in the family then.

The class went on for over two hours and we spent the last half an hour chatting, joking and laughing while we drank some coffee.  I think everyone really enjoyed their evening.  We will have two more classes in the next two weeks and then our family is on a week’s break to Italy!  I can’t wait.  I have never been there before!  It is going to be so much fun!